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Here we are at the Big Reno Gun Show in the Summer 2013 The Winchester Collector quarterly club magazine;

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From Peter G,

"My son and I went on Peter Richards 2012 USA Gun Tour, what an experience!
The things we did and the places we explored, by helicopter, on foot or by coach were absolutely spectacular. The range of guns we saw and shot was unbelievable. We cannot thank Pete enough for the effort he put into taking care of us and making sure we had a top time. Excellent value."

From Jake G,

"If you like guns, game and girls America is the place to be... The 2012 gun enthusiast trip organised by Pete Richards was a real eye opener and I have no regrets from the trip it was genuinely amazing. Their guns shops are amazing and the availability of guns is even better... The scenery was breath taking.... My father took me on this trip and it was a great trip for both of our agendas but also for the experiences we had together... I sincerely enjoyed it and the company of everyone on the trip and especially thank Pete Richards for the organizing of the trip..... I recommend the America trip to any novice gun enthusiast to any experienced professional, it is without a doubt worth your while..."

From Craig B,

"I was a participant in Gun Trip USA 2012 and would like to thank Pete, aka Hoss, for organising it. I am sure we got to see aspects of American Gun culture that most people wouldn't get to experience. Highlights for me were the Reno Gun Show, the Wild Bill Cody Museum and strangely - driving up the highway in Nevada and looking out the window to see a predator drone flanking our bus.
I liked Wyoming and Montana that much I started check real estate prices.
There is talk of another trip in 2014 and I've already put my name down."
From John C,

"For those of you that are cowboy western and black powder shooters and contemplating a trip to the USA, there is no better way to do it other than to get aboard with Wild West Pete.

I recently did such with 8 other gun enthusiasts, mostly first timers as I to the USA & I thoroughly recommend it. As an offshoot we visited one of many machine gun shops and had a blast shooting all types of military automatic weapons.  We also had 3 days at the Big Reno Gun Show in Nevada. You have not seen a gun show as large as this, 20 times as big as ours in Australia. The many visits to Cabela’s and Bass Pro outfitters were awesome. These shops are so large it is hard to envisage, we also visited every gun shop in sight or on the way. A little detour to Hover Dam and the Grand Canyon was also included. We took in some awesome country along the way, which included local wild life such as bears, deer, skunks and squirrels. Also had a visit to the Buffalo Bill museum in Cody Wyoming, where there was more guns than you can poke a stick at. A visit to theC Sharps and Shiloh Sharps gun factories, the home of single shot black powder long range rifles was a real eye opener, just fantastic. Then onto the Custer Battlefield in Montana. We travelled in a Fordmini bus that wasn't so mini. The accommodation and meals left nothing to be desired, something you will remember for the rest of your life."

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